Picture made in Sweden (2000)


My name is Hans Verdaat and I am currently living and working on the Dutch island Texel. Since 1 September 2006 I work for Wageningen IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies).

I studied Coastal Zone Management at the Van Hall Institute in Leeuwarden. Before I started at the Van Hall Institute I studied Forestry and Nature-reserve Management at the MBCS-Velp.

On a young age I became interested in nature, especially birds. When I could recognise the birds in the backgarden of my parents I got in contact with Frans van Boxtel. He is an amature nature photographer and warden in the nature reserve Reuselse Moeren.

Together with two friends we went every Saturday with Frans into nature for some years. He thought me many basic principles like recognizing birds on their flight and sounds. Through the years we have also had an extensive 'course' into nature photography. Sometimes requests came in for excursions and so from a young age on I have helped with guiding groups through nature areas.

On the age of 14 I joined the Jeugdbond voor Natuur- en Milieustudie (JNM). Their I came into contact with other young nature minded people like me. With the JNM I have been on nature camps throughout the Netherlands and parts of Europe.

After secondary school I studied Forest- and Nature Management in Velp. I got a lot of practical experiance through internships at:


Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten, English Nature and Alterra. During my time on Texel at Altera I got more interested into coastal issues. As Brabander (Dutch inland province) I didn't have that much to do with the sea, but as birdwatcher I had always been interested into seabirds. So after finnishing in Velp I started studing Coastal Zone Management in Leeuwarden.

On the Dutch island Texel (2004)

My father, mother, brother and me (2005)