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From Mountain to Fjord
Høgskulen I Sogn og Fjordane, Sogndal, Norway.
An interdisciplinary course with a main focus on the geology and ecology of western Norway.

2002 - 2006

Coastal Zone Management
Hogeschool Van Hall - Larenstein, Van Hall Institute, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

1999 - 2002
Forestry and Nature-reserve Management
Middelbare Bosbouw en Cultuurtechnische School, Velp, The Netherlands.

1993 - 1999
HAVO (Higher general secondary education)
Dutch, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology
PIUS X College, Bladel, The Netherlands.



ANT-XXV/2 Expedition to Antarctica on board the icebreaker 'Polarstern' from the German researchinstituut AWI. Researcher Marine Mammals. 5 weeks.

2006 - present

Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies (IMARES) - Texel (NL)
Researcher / Survey Coordinator, department of ecology


Bureau Waardenburg (NL) Internship, Februari - August
Research into the use of different areas in the Voordelta by Redthroated Divers (Gavia stellata). Including 8 weeks fieldwork in the Voordelta.


SCANS II / ESAS (GB - IRE - F) Observator, 5 weeks.
Counting seabirds and cetaceans (ESAS methods) during ship-based surveys on the Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay.

Studentassistant (NL)
Van Hall Institute, Coastal Zone Management, 1 year.

Employee: processing soil fauna samples (NL)
Altenburg & Wymenga ecological consultants, 3 days.


Alterra-Texel (NL) Internship, 4 months.
Diet research, using stomach analysis, on Scooters beached on the Dutch and German coasts.
Publication in preparation.

NIOZ and RIVO (NL - GB) Observer, 2 weeks.
Counting seabirds and cetaceans (ESAS methods) during ship-based surveys in the North Sea as part of the IMPRESS project on sandeels and seabirds. I have counted together with Kees Camphuysen (NIOZ) in the Wee Bankie area, i.e. a place very rich in several species of cetaceans.

Bureau Waardenburg and Alterra-Texel (NL) Observer, 8 days.
Seabird observations on an offshore platform in the SE North Sea counting cetacean and seabirds, this time during an influx of harbour porpoises into the area. Using radar and visual sightings as part of a study on the effects of an offshore windmillpark. Two periods of four days in April and May.

2003 - present

Globe Natuurreizen (INT.) Travelguide.
Guide for birdtrips to France, Spain, Poland and Oman.


Staatsbosbeheer (NL) Graduation project, 8 weeks.
I made a naturemanagement plan for a small river and a forest in the South of The Netherlands.


Alterra-Texel (NL) Internship, 4 months.
Analysing soil samples taken from mudflats in the Waddensea for fauna. I also helped with a research project on migrating shorebirds.

Alterra-Texel (D) Observer, 3 days.
Looking at bird disturbance during a rocketlaunge above the German Waddensea.

2000 – 2001

Internships nature management:
English Nature (Devon, GB), 9 weeks
Staatsbosbeheer (NL), 4 weeks
Natuurmonumenten (NL), 2 weeks


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Verdaat H.J.P., A.A.J. Heesterbeek, J.J. Vogels, & R.A.M.A. van Schijndel, 1998. Breeding birds in the Reuselse Moeren 1998. JNM Bladel.

Heesterbeek A., R. van Schijndel, H. Verdaat & F. van Boxtel 1997. Use of artificial nests by raptors. De Takkeling 5(2): 30-31.

Two baskets of willow twigs were mounted in respectively a birch (in December 1992) and a Scots pine (December 1989) at heights of 7 m. The birch nest was successfully used by a Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus in 1993, the other nest was occupied by a Goshawk Accipiter gentilis in 1990 (successful) and by a tawny owl Strix aluco in 1995 (ditto).


Dutch Youth club for Nature- and Environmental study (JNM)

1994 – 2005

Active member
Seated in several commissions and organisation of excursions, meetings, nature camps and conferences.

1999 – 2003

Organization of the ‘Vrije Vogel Clubdagen’
Annual national youth manifestation for ca. 2000-5000 people of the ‘Vrije Vogel Club’, a big youth nature organization in The Netherlands.
In the last three years I was one of the three headcoordinators


National Board
Board member

1998 - 1999

Projectleader JNM Inventarisation Project Reuselse Moeren
Inventarisations were carried out on birds, mammals and invertebrates in a nature reserve in the South of The Netherlands.


Language skills:

- Dutch : Native language
- English : Fluent
- German : Adequate
Computer skills:
- Experience with Microsoft Office applications
- Experience with Webdesign and management
- Limited experience with GIS, Paradox, SPSS
- Broad knowledge of nature. Also specific knowledge concerning birds.
- Drivers licence and an own car.